My name is Megan Kanan and I am originally from Middletown, New York. I have lived there my whole entire life. My immediate family consists of my mom,  Jackie, my dad, Tom, my older sister, Lauren, and my younger brother, Nick.

My mom is my best friend and I can talk to her about anything and we watch all the same TV shows together. What can I say, I’m a moma’s girl. My older sister and I clash a lot. We do better when we are both away at school and not in the same house. I love her to death but we just get on eachothers nerves too easily. My little brother is one of my best friends even though he is only 12. Growing up I would always let him come hang with my friends and I for  a little. I spent a lot of time with him and taught him a lot while my parents were at work. He is now like me a lot of ways and I love seeing him grow up.

Aside from my family I have some amazing friends at home. One of them is Ethan. I have been best friends with him since I was about five. He lived down the street from me and still does. I have always gotten along with boys better and have been kind of a tom boy my whole life. I am naturally good at sports and love being outside and active. During high school I was on the swim team. My birthday is in March making me  a Pisces. The only reason I believe part of the whole Zodiac sign thing is I have always loved being in water, swimming. Swimming is one of my passions and can always relax me. For me, exercise is a big stress reliever. I am somewhat addicted to the gym.

Aside from the gym, I like to eat well. I am a vegetarian and have been for 5 years and counting. At school it is very hard being a vegetarian because the options are minimal. I chose to be a vegetarian because meat always grossed me out just for the fact that it was animals. When I was little my favorite meal for dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. One night my mom was making this exact meal for dinner and right before we are about to eat my sister, Lauren, comes up to me and says – “You know what meatballs are made of? …COWS!!!!” Ever since then I wasn’t the same.

Now, I am a Sophmore at SUNY Albany majoring in Journalism. I would love to minor in photography, but they dont offer it as a minor here. I am now considering minoring in Sociology which I believe will help me with interview techniques as a journalist. I want to pursue music journalism and possibly travel as well.


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