In my life technology is very important. The main things I use are my Iphone, laptop and television.

My Iphone gets put through the most use. I use it as an alarm in the morning, to text and call people, to play games, to brows the internet and to store my HW and other weekly tasks.

If I couldn’t text I feel as if I would barely see or hear from any of my friends. Going to find someone is too much effort.

Although, I rely heavily on technology I hate when people pay more attention to their phones/technology when hanging with others in person. Using it here and there and when your alone is a whole other story.

Seems as if technology has left me craving more human to human interaction….

Personally, when I’m surrounded by my friends I’d prefer to not be on my phone, watch tv, or be on the computer. I can do those things when I’m alone. But most people don’t think that way anymore, they want it all and think they can do it all at once. By thinking they can do it all at once they are messing themselves up. You cant focus on that many things at once and also interact with someone successfully.You are indirectly distancing yourself from others.

Somehow the non stop technology use needs to simmer down, but I don’t know how that will happen, or even how to make my own friends stop.


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