Narrative – Bipolar Disorder

Holly Mckenna started to hyperventilate, imagining the worst. To try and catch her breath, she headed outside.

Once outside of Albany Medical center Holly Mckenna took out her rosary and prayed. She then started texting anyone and everyone to start a prayer line with her. Mckenna thought her daughter was gone.

Shortly after, the doctor came outside to get her.

Mckenna said “the room looked like a bomb went off.” There were all sorts of medical supplies and garbage covering the floor. Read the rest of this entry


trial CSS coding


In my life technology is very important. The main things I use are my Iphone, laptop and television.

My Iphone gets put through the most use. I use it as an alarm in the morning, to text and call people, to play games, to brows the internet and to store my HW and other weekly tasks. Read the rest of this entry

Electric Daisy Carnival

 EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) was originally only held in Las Vegas until this year. One of the stops it will be making for the first time is at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.

EDC is an electronic dance music festival that will be held in New Jersey the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May. Read the rest of this entry

Re-Designed Group Pages

We Made a Music Blog – Their layout and the pictures they had on the home page were very appealing to the eye. It caught my interest. But other than that I didn’t really see much of a difference from there first go around to now. One feature I really likes that they had both times was the music playlist on the side rail. Thought they could have had more variety. Like profiles on bands/artist, reviews of albums, new music, old music, etc. Read the rest of this entry


the cliffs

Sams point is located in Ellenville NY. The view makes you realize how small you really are.


This site is so cool and way to easy to get lost in when she starts “dreaming.” Check it out.

Try listening to these songs while watching as well. Gives it some flow.

My Home Town


Now a days most people do or say things based on popularity. What is going to get me noticed and liked by others?

When one goes to make a Facebook status more times then non they are basing it off of how many likes/comments they will get. There are even tons of sites that you can go to look for popular/generic Facebook statuses. This site has some pretty good status ideas that I’m sure would bring in some “likes.” Read the rest of this entry